Acryl-W is a high qualility acrylic dispersion sealant. After application the product forms a soft plasto elastic rubber by evaporation of water from the

All Round Sealant

All Round Sealant is a paintable, solvent based plastic elastic sealant and is fungal resistant. Universal sealant based on synthetic rubbers with good adhesion


Alu- & Loodband is a strong self adhesive flashing of a modified bituminous layer with a top cover of strong weather resistant aluminium or


Aqua-Silicone is an acetoxy silicone sealant which cures under influence of humidity to form a durable elastic rubber. Benefits Sealant and adhesive. Non toxic


Butylene-X is a one component durable mastic based on polybutene and vegetable oils. After application a paintable surface skin will be formed within 48

Crystalflex Super Transparent

Crystalflex Super Transparent is a professional quality durable Limitations one component crystal clear moisture curing sealant and adhesive for internal use. Benefits Crystal clear

Fire Sealant 1200˚C

Fire Sealant 1200°C is a pasty like product that will cure by drying to a hard and high temperature resistant seal. Not recommended for

FireProtect® Acrylic

FP Acrylic Sealant is a 1-component fire retardant acrylic sealant based on a dispersion. FP Acrylic Sealant is fire retardant up to 4 hours

FireProtect® Hybrid Sealant

FP® Hybrid Sealant is a high quality professional 1-component fire resistant sealant based on hybrid technology and provides up to 4 hours of fire

FireProtect® PU Foam

FP PU Foam is a modified 1-component, fire retardant polyurethane foam. Can be applied by hand (adaptor) or gun. FP PU Foam seprarately offers

FireProtect® Silicone Sealant

FP Silicone Sealant is a fire retardant, elastic, neutral curing silicone sealant. FP Silicone Sealant has a fire resistance up to 4 hours in


Fix-O-Chem is a two-component chemical anchoring system based on styrene free polyester resins for very fast anchoring with high firmness, hardening through chemical process.

Gasket-Sealant 300˚C

Gasket Sealant is a heat resistant acetoxy silicone sealant, which cures under influence of humidity to form a durable elastic rubber. Benefits Temperature resistance

Glue Screws

Glue Screws-SBR is a versatile construction adhesive. The adhesive cures by evaporation of solvents and forms a strong, durable, moisture resistant bond.  

High Tack

High Tack is a high quality and professional adhesive with extreme high grab properties based on hybrid technology which cures under influence of humidity

Hot melt glue stick

Transparent, water resistant, non-shrinking glue sticks for non porous and porous surfaces. Glue Guns Available in a 40 watt applicator glue gun (EC-360).  

Hybriflex 540

Hybriseal 540 is a versatile one component hybrid based sealant with a low modulus for sealing building joints. Benefits Low modulus Highly elastic EN


Mirrorfix MS is a high quality and professional adhesive with extreme high tack properties especially for mirror bonding based on hybrid technology which cures

Polyethylene backing cord

Backing Cord consists of polyethylene foam supplied in various diameters from 6 to 30mm. To be used as bond breaker material in joints to

Polyflex 422

POLYFLEX® 422 is a professional high quality one component moisture curing low modulus polyurethane sealant. Applications Interior and exterior dilatation joint. Expansion and sealing

Primer 250

Primer-250 is a polyurethane and solvent based adhesion promotor and reinforcer of porous surfaces for the application of polyurethane sealants. Primer-250 is used to

PU Foam and applicator

PU & NBS Applicator Foam B3/B2 is a one component fast curing construction foam based on moisture curing Polyurethane, containing a safety propellant with


Sili-Kill® is a ready to use paste to remove residue of silicone sealant. Applications Sili-Kill® can be used to remove cured silicone residue by

Silicone spray

Silicone Spray is a fat-free lubricant, protective and parting agent as well as conditioner for plastics, wood, rubber and metals. Clean lubricating film that

Silicone-1001 Universal

Silicone-1001 Universal is a multi-purpose, ready-to-use silicone sealant, based on acid curing with very good adhesion to many surfaces. Excellent UV and weather resistance.

Silicone-1001U Professional

Silicone-1001U is a versatile acetoxy silicone sealant, which cures under influence of humidity to form a durable elastic rubber. The product is excellent UV


Silicone-NO is a versatile one component sanitary silicone sealant for sealing building joints and glazing systems. The product is non acetoxy. After application the silicone cures


Silicone Sanitary is an acetoxy sanitary formulated silicone sealant, which cures under influence of humidity to form a durable elastic rubber. The product is

Structural Glazing Sealant

Silicone Structural Glazing Sealant 795-4000 is a one component, high-strength neutral cure sealant specially designed and tested for structurally glazed curtain wall applications. Benefits

Super Glue

Product Description Super Adhesive is a liquid, fast curing adhesive cyanoacrylic based. The adhesive cures trough contact with moisture. Benefits Cures in seconds Transparant

Tectane 452

Tectane Tecflex 452 is a professional high quality one component moisture curing high modulus polyurethane sealant. Tectane 452 is a durable easy applicable gun

Tectane® Anti-Spatter Spray

Anti-Spatter Spray serves as protection from spatters of the work piece to be welded without affecting the weld itself. Anti-Spatter Spray is silicone-free! It

Tectane® Contact Spray

Contact Spray is a multi-purpose product. It is used for maintaining and servicing electric installations in motor vehicles. A single treatment with Contact Spray

Tectane® Penetrating Oil with MoS2

Penetrating Oil (with MoS2) is a well-established lubricant and rust remover. Penetrating Oil solves, effortlessly and fast, a number of problems with servicing, repairs,

Universal PU-Cleaner

Universal PU-Cleaner is used to remove stains and residues of both 1 component- and 2 component polyurethane foam. This can be done as long

Various Solvents

MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) Used for cleaning of glass and anodized aluminium. Mineral Turpentine Used as a paint thinner, for thinning oil-based paint. Lacquer


Woodflex HARD has been developed especially for filling of cracks and dents in parquet, cork, laminate and wooden flooring. Woodflex Hard is a fast

Zinc Aluminium Spray

Zinc-Aluminium Spray is a mixture of aluminium and zinc and offers heat-resistant corrosion protection for many materials. It adheres very well to non-ferrous metal



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Projects Completed using Den Braven products

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    Century City, Cape Town
  4. Pick n Pay
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  8. Seafood Hall
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  9. Portside
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  10. Makro
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  11. Banco Mozambique
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  12. Gaborone Airport