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PU & NBS Applicator Foam B3/B2 is a one component fast curing construction foam based on moisture curing Polyurethane, containing a safety propellant with excellent gap filling capability. Precise application with the NBS applicator.

  • PU Foam Cleaner is a cleaner (CFC free) that dissolves uncured PU Foam.
  • The PU Foam applicator is equipped with a regulator to adjust the foam output. Applicator supplied with an adaptor for the Uni-NBS system.
  • B1 Foam is a fire retardant, one component polyurethane foam curing by atmospheric moisture up to 180 minute fire retardancy properties.

For use with Polyethylene Backing Cord


B3 handheld aerosol canisters of 500ml and 750ml, Cleaner aerosol canisters of 500ml, Fire Class B1 Fire Retardant available in 700ml, Gunfoam aerosol canisters of 750ml

Shelf Life

Approx. 12 months