Note: Please consult the technical data sheets for correct product usage and procedures.
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Fix-O-Chem is a two-component chemical anchoring system based on styrene free polyester resins for very fast anchoring with high firmness, hardening through chemical process. For anchoring dynamically stressed structures, building components, engineering equipment or scaffolding. Suitable for heavy-duty anchorage in stone, concrete, light anchoring in aerated concrete and lightweight concrete, or for moderate to heavy loads when securing wood, steel structures, sections, rails, bars, water main fixtures, etc. Liquid cartridge anchors can be used throughout the entire recommended period of use simply by replacing the application nozzle and securely closing the cartridge cover.


  • Styrene free.
  • Quick curing.
  • Extreme strong.
  • For massive and hollow surfaces.
  • Immediately ready to use.
  • High firmness of anchored materials without stretching pressures 1 kN = 100 kg.
  • For rods M8 till M24.
  • Applicable in alkaline environments.
  • Applicable till -5°C. Applications

Zwaluw Fix-O-Chem can be used for chemical anchoring of steel bars, prop base and screws, anchoring into the bases from concrete, breeze-blocks, full masonry, cavity bricks etc. Zwaluw Fix-O-Chem can be used in both solid based as well as hollow, indoor and outdoor, vertical and horizontal.

Directions of Use

Drill the opening of prescribed dimensions for thread bar to use. It is necessary to clean the opening thoroughly with round brush. Purge with pump. Apply homogenously mixed liquid anchor. Do not use the first 10 cm of material after extrusion. Fill the opening with 1/3 till 1⁄2 with the homogenously mixed liquid anchor. Place rod or bolt by pushing and turning clockwise (same as tread). Wait until material is fully cured before fasten anchoring items. For further information download the Application Guideline available on the Zwaluw Fix-O-Chem (SF) product page at and check “Table 1, Installation parameters” for the installation parameters.


Cartridges of 300ml

Shelf Life

Approx. 9 months