Note: Please consult the technical data sheets for correct product usage and procedures.
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Butylene-X is a one component durable mastic based on polybutene and vegetable oils. After application a paintable surface skin will be formed within 48 hours.


Butylene-X can be used for sealing joints that are subject to low movement and no mechanical exposure. As a bedding compound in single glazing inside.

Directions of Use

A well designed joint should have sufficient width to be able to take and absorb the movement of the adjacent building elements. The joint depth should always be in the correct relationship to the joint width. A general Packaging rule of thumb for the ratio of joint depth to the width is: 1:1 up to 10 mm wide, with a minimum of 5 mm in width and depth. For joints wider than 10 mm the joint depth should be the joint width divided by 3 + 6mm – with a maximum depth of 15mm. For a complete overview see our website or contact Den Braven.



4kg Pails, Cartridges of 300ml, Foil Packs of 550ml

Shelf Life

Approx. 12 months