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Alu- & Loodband is a strong self adhesive flashing of a modified bituminous layer with a top cover of strong weather resistant aluminium or lead coloured polyester foil and an easy removable siliconised high density polyethylene release foil at the bottom.


  • Good adhesion to almost all substrates.
  • Paintable.
  • Available in multiple dimensions.
  • UV-resistant.


Alu- & Loodband can be used for flashing gutters, bay windows, between walls and extensions. Alu- & Loodband has an instant bonding to many surfaces. It is easily applied in the desired shape.
The foil is good weather resistant and has a high tear resistance.

Directions of Use

General rule is to add 100mm to the joint width, 50 mm for both sides. Minimum overlap between Alu- & Loodband themselves is at least 25 mm. For a complete overview see our website or contact Den Braven.


50ml, 75ml